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Laurence is a ‘child out of time’.



Born autistic and diagnosed with severe learning difficulties, he needs to learn how to survive in the alien world in which he finds himself. A world so frightening he built an impenetrable wall between himself and those around him.



This true story will evoke tears, laughter and empathy with a father who only wants to make sense of his son’s nonsensical world. As well as being a testament to his undying love, it is full of practical insights, and offers an understanding of autistic behaviour to those who find themselves encountering autistic reality.



Along with Laurence’s younger sister Bianca, his  father  tries to break through into his autistic world. Their efforts lead them all on many ventures and are rewarded by some amazing developmental awakenings.




'If travel broadens the mind then autistics need to travel more than anyone.'



We travelled a lot.



This book is the tale of my quest to understand my son's disabilities.

What I found was my own inability to understand his abilities.

































Laurence and Stuart in Gran Canaria 2002

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ISBN 978 1 84624 284 7